Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sad News

My very dear friend, the old Irish farm collie who lived in a barn for many years until he was rescuded by a lady (MBND) fairy godmohter with no wings, MOSSIE.......... has gone to the big sleep.
His rescue home was always warm and cosy, he had a nice lady to take hime out during the day, a sheepy by the fire and a kind leg to rest his head on every evening, he will no longer blog but is MBND person has given us a rose

old folks kennels

We went to see Granny...............she gave me a digstive with NO CHOCOLATE humpf!
When she was at her house it was always a piece of kitkat,
Some of the other humans had been around scent marking the seats as theirs, I had a good sniff but didn't leave my mark, If I smelt like some of them I would have been bunged in the bath scrubbed and blow dried.

helping Santa

We've been a bit busy, we've had trees in the house again,
lots of visitors, some horrid rude children some fat visitors blonde with THICK thighs,yelch.
Then came the day the tree has presents under it, and the turkey and little sausages and playsation boy had flu, he pushed the sprout around the plate and couldn't face pudding................

Friday, 26 December 2008

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


My garden has grown this is it now (well July) this is how it looked last

Saturday, 20 September 2008

This is the Dementor, a sweet looking litte old lady, she has taken our summer, we have spent the summer on the M4, in the car I hasn't had time to blog or the inclination I have been too busy looking after AB she is hiding being sad, Its the sad that makes peoples eyes change colour from blue to gray. the dementor takes the sparkle off AB, . Granny the dementors real name can't use shopping metal and paper or remember what she has been doing but can tell you about thisng a L-O-N-G time gone
MAn is in China and Japan, her back hurts because the physio keeps pulling her around, she only went there with a sore foot, she sleeps all afternoon after she has been there walks are not as long and she thinks she is getting FAT.
The Dementor is very very nice to me and feeds me bits of kit kat,
She has been in hospitla, dogs cant go in ther too many germs ( not on the dogs I have to add).
Aunty Debbie found a special place for the Dementor with activitys and lots of other old people who drink sherry on Sunday mornings, it costs almost £1000 per week, It costs £10 per day for me to stay with Debbie do Dog and I cna do lots of Barking, playing and get walks. Granny (the dementor can go out on a bus for trips and won't, she wees on the chair and doesnt get in trouble. The home doesnt smell of wee and cabage not like the one in Worthing where the VERY old lady was. The VEry Old Lady keeps trying to check out from life and the changes her mind. There is now a plan in place for when she does, it has somthing to do wiht the no lap time black skirt, PSB says when she goes hes having a balzer!
When I get old and confused and wee everywhere I will go to the vet he will give me the big sleep, I don't know why granny and the very old lady are not given it, It seems so cruel when all they say is that they would like to join Grandman and Grandad and all the others that have gone before them.............................................

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Changing rooms

so they yellow truck came and left parcels, The parcels were unwrapped and put togther with our any fuss and it looks like this, everything neet and tidy